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Hair Coloring Basics

Looking for a make-over? What better than to revamp your look by altering the color of your tresses? Hair is considered to be man’s most dynamic fashion accessory. It can be cut, blown, colored, styled or curled in order to give you the right look. Sixty percent of our looks depend upon how well our hair is maintained. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to give proper attention to your tresses and style them appropriately. Prior to getting your mane colored, it is necessary for you to follow up on the various hair coloring basics in order to understand how the process works. A good understanding of hair color will enable you to get the desired look in a short period time.

Hair coloring Basics and you…

Hair coloring is referred to as the science and art of altering the color of your hair. The natural color of your tresses is directly affected by genetic factors. In order to change the color of your tresses adequately, it is important for you to understand the mechanics of base color hair and pigmentation. It is also essential for you to have an in-depth understanding of several other factors affecting the hair such as hair texture, elasticity and type.

Pigmentation: The hair cortex contains the basic coloring matter in the form of microscopic granules called melanin or hair pigment. Melanin is classified into two types— Eumelanin and Phaeomelanin.

Eumelanin: This is oval in shape and is found in black and brunette hair. It is a dark pigment and the higher its concentration, the darker the hair color.

Phaeomelanin: This is smaller than its former counterpart and is rod shaped. It is found in blonde and red hair. It is a light pigment and the higher its concentration the lighter the hair.

A mixture of both pigments can be found in several individuals at the same time which can vary not only in different individuals but also on a person’s head. The existence of melanin is entirely based in genetic factors. Grey hair has melanin granules spread out through the entire head, whereas white hair has no melanin.

The color of hair entirely depends upon the color and mount of pigment grains it contains. In order to get the right color tone, it is necessary for you to have a thorough understanding of the hair pigments.

Types of hair color:

All the basics of hair coloring revolve around the theory that no hair color is paint. Color is the reflection of light from the colored pigments in the hair shaft. A hair shade comprises of various combinations of light off the colored pigments. This is why hair color seems to change under the effect of lighting.

There are different types of hair color that can be used to color your tresses. However, it s recommended that you consult a hair expert prior to coloring your locks in order to get the desired affect.

Permanent Hair color: This type of hair color comprises of an alkaline agent and developer in the form of ammonium peroxide. It penetrates into the hair shaft and lightens the color. It makes a permanent change in the pigment of the hair shaft and does not wash out. Bleaches and lighteners fall under this category. It tends to fade with time but cannot be simply removed to bring back the original hair color.

Demi-permanent Hair color: Several big brands have developed permanent colors that are deposited only on the shaft and are extremely gentle. They use a low intensity developer and deposit the color in a single step. If you are coloring your tresses for the first time, this type of hair color is the safest bet.

Semi-permanent Hair color: This type of hair color is used for darkening the hair. It is ideal for covering grey hair but cannot be used as a lightener. It does not comprise of a developer and tends to last for at least 8 to 14 washes.

Temporary Hair color: These are available in hues of red, orange, pink, turquoise etc. They tend to last only up to a single wash and are ideal for amateurs. If you are planning to color your hair for a party or event, this is the best option for you.

The choice of color depends entirely on you. You can go in for highlighting, low lighting, tinting or coloring your hair evenly. The basics of hair color state that the right color lays the foundation of your looks. It can enhance them or destroy them completely. Therefore, it is essential for you to wear the right hair color in order to accentuate your looks.

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