Author: Jean C. Renteria

Hair Style

Vitamin D and The Importance Of Sunlight

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which exists in various forms. Most of its forms are relatively inactive in the human body, however calciferol is the most active form and is converted by the liver and kidney into an active hormone. This physiologically active hormone communicates with the intestines, getting …
Hair Style

Hair Coloring Basics

Looking for a make-over? What better than to revamp your look by altering the color of your tresses? Hair is considered to be man’s most dynamic fashion accessory. It can be cut, blown, colored, styled or curled in order to give you the right look. Sixty percent of our looks …
Hair Style

Basic Coloring Tips at Home

Hair Coloring Ideas Hair is the most important fashion accessory one can possess. It is important for you to color your tresses the right way. As per research, almost sixty per cent of our looks are attributed to the way we dress our hair. Therefore, it is important for you …
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What Type of Anime Hairstyle?

Anime hair is a profoundly important part of Japanese Anime. You will notice that for an anime artist or manga, that facial structures are usually very similar throughout all their characters. In order to truly differentiate characters, their hairstyles are the defining factors. Create a general structure Before you can …
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Celebrities Hairstyle Ideas

Celebrities are a massive source of inspiration for the people. Most individuals look up to the celebrities they admire and try to copy them in a number of ways. Celebrity hairstyles are based on the cuts flaunted by various celebrities in high fashion circuits and millions of people cut their …